Established in 2012, The Katz M.C. | Phoenix Chapter is a club of motorcycle enthusiasts from many different walks of life. We thoroughly promote diversity within our club, charity for those in need, and a family atmosphere for our members and supporters. Our mission is to build a nationwide system of chapters, create solid alliances with like-minded clubs, and to positively impact the communities in which we ride.

The Katz M.C. | Phoenix Chapter’s colors and patches signify a commitment to our code and lifestyle. Before becoming a member there is a lengthy, defined process that must be endured by every “Prospect” to earn their patches and gain the trust of the club. Every time a member puts on their colors and rides their motorcycle, they willingly risk their freedom and their lives. These inherent potential consequences of becoming one of The Katz creates an unbreakable bond known as “bike life”. Although the majority of the club members own and operate foreign sport bikes, we welcome any motorcycle owners (600cc+) that are equally fanatic about riding and the lifestyle associated with it. All who are willing to live and ride by our code are welcome to inquire about what it takes to become a member of the The Katz M.C.