Events | 1st Annual Cookout

The Katz MC hosted their first Annual Cookout at Kiwanis Park in May of 2014. Our friends, families, and allies from The Set made our inaugural annual celebration one to remember. Desert Dawgs MC, Soul Brothers MC, Cocky Ridaz MC, Down-2-Pound MC, Rolling Knights MC, and Regulators MC were just a few of the motorcycle clubs that braved the 100+ degree temperatures to show love. Heels on Wheels, Sugar-2-Spice SC, and Stay Stuntin’ SC were a few of the social clubs that made sure that their presence was felt. Another great addition to the annual was our Founder/ NYC President Jaga & NYC VP Fase made the flight to celebrate a big moment with the Phoenix Chapter.

2015’s Annual Cookout looks to be an even better event. Make sure that you don’t miss this one!

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