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RISE Family Services believes that most individuals, no matter how unique their needs, are more successful when they are living in a family setting. Unfortunately, some children and adults are unable to live with their own family, permanently or even temporarily, and are in need of a place they can call home.

When Too Tone (National President of Revolution MC) called The Katz MC and asked us to support this great Charity, we jumped at the opportunity. The food donations that were made during this Thanksgiving holiday allowed some families in need to have some great meals and an even greater time during the holidays. Many of us take small things for granted, but it was clear that the families that we had the opportunity to support did not.

In the gallery above you will see The Katz MC (TKPHX), Revolution MC (RPM), Down-2-Pound MC (D2P), Loose Cannons MC, and the staff & families of RISE having a great time! Mission Accomplished!

Special Thanks to Too Tone and Maria Lopez from RISE Family Services.

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